Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Squash Sunday is a Success!

The frigid cold didn't deter ardent squash fans. The Great Squash Cook-off took place as scheduled to a packed audience at The V-Spot Cafe. Twenty contestants were accompanied by friends, onlookers, seasonal foodies, and members of the press.

The event went amazingly well. Not a hungry person was left in the room. Each participant presented their dish, and each shared the story behind its creation. I was fortunate to have a crew of photographers and filmmakers on hand to document the event. I plan to post photos, recipes, and videos of all the contestants so the evening can be shared with all of you.

Thanks to all those who helped making this event possible. Including my judges, KalaLea, Abhaya Kaufman (for Anna Lappe), Vikas Khanna, and Isa Chandra Moskowitz; Paula Lukatz of Just Food; My family and friends (Benny, Joe, Monica, Swati, Mom and Dad); Danny Carabano and The V-Spot staff (Alex, Lauren, Mike, Pedro, Rik, and Sharat); and of course my lovely and amazing contestants! You are all wonderful and inspire me!

-Photo courtesy Daniel Krieger

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